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Gadgets are the main accessories of our daily lives and the energy source to power them up is always a big worry especially for professionals or business travelers constantly on the go. To solve this crisis to a large extent, designer Jung Inyoung has come up with an innovative suitcase trolley. The trolley when rolled around produces energy that can empower your gadgets for emergency or short term periods and that too without the necessity to stop over or much delay.

The suitcase comes with a pair or non utility power generating wheels that produce kinetic energy when rolled on the surface that gets accumulated and stored at the desorption battery at the base of the bag. This, in turn, supplies the power to your devices that can be easily connected to the battery and charger through a mini USB cord situated at the head base of the luggage. Here you will find an LED indicator also, situated near the handle, which shows users the amount of power that the portable battery has stored and how much of it is remaining or required to charge the handset. The amount of power generated remains directly proportional to the intensity of rolling the wheels around the ground. So, the more you flex your muscles and pull off the load, the better the power situation.

Designed in vivid colors of red, orange, black and yellow, this futuristic techno bag makes a striking travel partner apart from being also your personal power generator. Though minimum, still the power generated by the bag is easily a life saver and a much desired object by the gadget freaks. However, considering that the travel points like railways, bus depots and airports are well equipped with power stations, yet considering the amount of juice consumed by your smartphones, this bag is definitely a must have for that wild traveler hidden in your heart.

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