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We’re living in a new world; a world full of increased social-pressures, responsibility and, above all, green-practices. It’s taken a long time, but the green movement is finally in effect and it seems the majority of people accept the fact that we have to be more conscious of the way we live our lives and the carbon-footprint we leave behind.

So whether you work in a business which has an office and you fancy boosting your green credentials, or if you’re a start-up and you want to do things the environmentally-friendly way from the get-go, there are ways to refresh, build and improve while being as green as possible.

If you’re a start-up and you need to build a new office or building, there is quite a bit of scope for being sustainable and green. Naturally, you’re going to need HGV wagons to deliver the materials, which are typically very damaging to your carbon-footprint, but there is a way round this! There are now companies who specialise in providing your typical HGV-services, only with the added benefit of bio-diesel technology.

This means the wagons are far more environmentally-friendly than their typical diesel counterparts and you can feel better about building a new building or office.

Now you’re up and running with your office, another cracking way of helping your green-credentials is by providing recycling bins for waste paper. It costs £30 per tonne to get rid of waste paper – which just ends up in landfill – so by recycling you can reduce your costs and, most importantly, do your bit!

You can also buy loads of ‘green’ products which have been made by recycled products. Usable products such as recycled paper, recycled ballpoint pens, recycled toilet rolls and sustainably-sourced desks are all available to buy. So really, there’s no excuse not to be green in your office!

Companies like Morgan Lovell will help you achieve your sustainable and green office requirements, and with companies specialising in the sector, there’s plenty of positives to go down this new and exciting route of making your office as thoroughly modern and relevant as possible.

And with today’s modern technology, the aforementioned company can even give you a 3D walk-through of how your sustainable office will look – before any work has started!

If you’re looking for super-easy ways to be green, then you can’t go too far wrong with cutting your energy consumption with energy-saving bulbs. Energy prices are now as high as anyone can remember, and while the energy-savers can take a few extra moments to wake-up, they do last considerably longer and, crucially, use less energy when they are on.

Another cheap as nice way of increasing positivity within your office is by having plants. Sounds odd, but plants, as we know, suck in all that nasty carbon-dioxide and create a far more pleasant atmosphere for your workers. Anything that can take the heavy atmosphere out of an office has to be a good thing!

If you’re looking for innovative ways of going green and staying green, many of the articles in the Lifestyle category of Greener Ideal are an invaluable way of staying up to date with all the eco-conscious strategies and products that are guaranteed to keep your office sustainable and eco-friendly.

Thankfully there are free ways of boosting your green-credentials, and with this handy video below you’ll be able to take in all the blindingly obvious ways of saving electricity and therefore reducing your carbon-footprint. The things we do on a day-to-day basis drastically effect bills, especially for offices, so by learning the basics of how to be more eco-friendly, you can help your office become as carbon-neutral as possible!

If your office uses a lot of computers, it could be a great idea to look at how energy-efficient they are. Most new computers will have an energy-rating and will probably be very efficient, indeed, but the older ones could be a serious green-no-no!

Likewise with the computer’s screen. The latest incarnation of LED screens typically come with a setting that automatically adjusts the contrast and backlighting to reduce energy-usage.

So there you have it; there’s really no excuse not to have a green-orientated office. Whether you’re refreshing and updating or starting-up, there’s thousands of products and ways to be environmentally-conscious.

It’s good for business, good for your bank-balance and, most importantly, good for your carbon-footprint. There’s no stopping the green-movement, so you’re better getting on board from now rather than be lagging behind in the future.

Be part of the movement and the ideology. Go green!

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