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The game-changer for clean energy (also known as Tesla – Elon Musk’s Company) is making waves in the industry of solar energy ever since they decided to make it their business.

In true Elon Musk fashion, he decided to get Tesla involved in the niche of solar energy in 2016 when he let the world know his interest in acquiring SolarCity. The result was quite shattering for the electric vehicle producer as the company’s value took a $3 billion hit. However, the deal went through and nowadays, solar panels produced by Tesla are powering an entire island inHawaii. Not to mention, Elon Musk is asked to solve energy crises all over the world.

But what exactly is Tesla preparing for the future?

Well, given Tesla’s vision on the future and the fact that it never released a product that is boring or following the current social norms, we should definitely expect great things! Still, for now, here are some of the products that will boggle your mind for the present moment.

The Solar Roof

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of complicated solar systems and forget about panels and other unworldly things? Well, Tesla did just that with their new solar roof made with solar tiles.

Of course, there are already grumpy businessmen and analysts that predict this product will be the one to put Tesla in the ground, but let’s fast forward over their opinion and enjoy the simplicity of this idea. The solar roof is elegant, looks quite good on all sorts of buildings, and is cheaper and more durable than traditional solar panels. So, you have two expenses merged into one that costs less and behaves better. Not to mention, the solar roof comes with an unlimited warranty!

The Powerwall

Since solar energy can’t be tamed, most homes with solar panels (or roofs) are also connected to the grid. This way, the energy they don’t use goes into the grid, and when the sun isn’t shining they use energy from the grid.

The idea would be quite OK if power companies wouldn’t completely bully solar energy users with close-to-nothing prices for what goes into the system and huge prices for the energy that goes out. To avoid this discrepancy and stop the frustration of many homeowners, Tesla created the Powerwall – high-end battery that stores solar energy and can be integrated with the solar roof.

Even better, the Powerwall can be mounted on a wall and it’s not bulky or unpleasant-looking. Still, there are some shortcomings when it comes to price (which is quite steep) and autonomy when there are several consecutive days without sunshine.

Tesla is currently working on reducing the prices and making the battery more reliable. However, if you live in a sunny climate, the Powerwall, coupled with the solar roof will save you a lot of energy money. Not to mention, reduce your carbon footprint.

Power the USA on Solar Energy

There’s no surprise that Elon Musk is an advocate for solar energy, as it’s no surprise that the automotive industry is fighting him. Right now, the biggest fight is in the US, where the oil industry is still powerful enough to block any attempts to make the switch.

Still, it seems that soon they’ll run out of motives as Tesla is already thinking about powering the entire United States of America with a solar farm that could be placed in a corner of the state of Utah. Furthermore, the solar industry is booming, growing faster than any other current industry in the country.

According to the US Department of Energy, if we would be able to meet as little as 27% of the nation’s energy demand with solar energy, we could prevent hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to the environment, lower healthcare costs dramatically, and reduce water scarcity.

For now, the only company that’s serious about this change is Tesla, but others will join once the ball is rolling. After all, the only reliable source of energy we have is the Sun – otherwise the Earth would be nothing more but a frozen, deserted planet.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Tesla started by addressing the individual consumer with products that solve the big frustrations we all have. The Electric Vehicle, the Solar Rooftop, and the Powerwall are all products designed to make your life easier and reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the environment.

But now is the moment to move on bigger and greater things like creating solutions for companies and even countries interested in going green. The solar energy is the only one that makes sense for the future (according to Elon) and we agree 100%.

We’re looking forward to a future where we will look back and think about the oil-powered industry the way we think about dinosaurs today.

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