The Future of Energy: The Time is Now 0

Can you think of a better time to join the renewable energy industry, than right now? 

Let us recap what’s been going on in the world of energy this past year…. 

1.       April 9th 2010: a mine in West Virginia exploded and killed 29 people.

2.       April 30th 2010: an oil rig inthe Gulf of Mexico exploded, killing 11 workers and caused BILLIONS andBILLIONS of tax payer dollars to clean up the mess.

3.       September 10th 2010: in San Bruno CA, a natural gas line erupted killing 8 people and incinerating an entire bay area neighborhood.

4.       March 10th 2011: an 8.9earthquake in Japan disrupted a nuclear power plant’s cooling system,causing a state of nuclear radiation emergency for the entire country.

The recent events at the nuclear power plant in Japan raised concerns in the U.S. government to re-evaluate the safety of all 104 nuclearpower plants here in the U.S.   State legislatures in California haverequested PG&E’s application to renew its license (regarding theDiablo Canyon reactor near San Luis Obispo) be denied or suspended until further seismic studies or mapping is completed.  These same requestswere made of Edison’s San Onofre nuclear plant near San Diego as well. Company executives claim that their plants are a lot safer than the onein Japan; designed to withhold any seismic activity that may occur. 


If this was the case, why don’t these executives live and raise their families’ near these power plants?   Maybe for the same reason why some Americans would prefer that they shut down… JUST IN CASE.  “Just incase” an accident occurs here, as it did in Japan.  Should we reallyhave to wait until an accident happens before we reconsider where ourenergy is coming from?  No!   

The truth is, the government works at a snail’s pace and it’s up to the people…  Mr. Contractor, Mrs. Licensed Electrician– this is for you to consider.  The power is in your hands… literally. 

You have the ability to go out and educate residential and commercial owners to reconsider alternative energy sources.  Let them now know that we, as Americans, do not have to rely on oil and coal companies.  Let them know this– there aren’t any executives ofthese nuclear power plants living near their reactors because there is no such thing as a guarantee.  

Times are changing.  Help ensure that energy change comes with it!

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