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Going electric is the future. Many automobile manufacturers are inventing electric versions of cars to suit the urban needs. An all-electric van by Nissan Motors is being launched globally early next year. The global production e-NV200, an all-electric van, will begin in the Spanish city of Barcelona. This is expected to employ 700 people approximately.

Nissan suggested that they would invest S$160 million which is equivalent to 100 million euros to kick start the production. The Japanese carmaker is the manufacturer of the fuel based NV200. Production of the electric version will begin in Spain at its Barcelona plant which could be considered as a major milestone in commercial vehicles and specifically electric vehicle segment. Increasing congestion and global warming can give rise to many more such inventions.

Hitting the global markets, this electric vehicle’s range and performance would be parallel to that of the Leaf. Leaf brags of about a range of 175 km with a top speed of over 145 kmh in one complete charge cycle. This is when the air conditioning is not used. The electric version of NV200 is also being tested on European roads who are the greatest consumers of EVs. This Japanese carmaker employs 4,800 people in total spread across three production plants. These plants are located in Avila in the centre and Cantabria in the north and Spain – Barcelona in the north-east. They are known to produce all-terrain lorries, vehicles, and vans.

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