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It has become standard practice among console makers to rush out a next generation console in order to keep pace with competitors. These initial releases are playable and important updates from the previous generation consoles, but they are often not as refined as they could be.

The PS3, for example, was initially a moderately large gaming machine that used about 200 watts of power during game play. Sony eventually released a thinner, more energy efficient version of the PS3 Games machine, the ‘PS3 Slim’, which uses less than half the amount of energy of the original PS3. The Slim is also a more svelte machine, so it requires less material to build.

Eco PS4 Concept

Jospeh Sumary – Yanko Design Eco Concept

Now with all the excitement brewing amongst gamers over the upcoming introduction of the PS4, one wonders if Sony might not follow the lead of the ECO PS4 Concept, a console design concept from Joseph Dumary at Yanko Design. It bypasses the typical ‘initial release’ version of a more bloated, less energy efficient design and jumps right to the more elegant, minimalist design of follow-up console versions.


Eco features

Eco PS4 ConceptThe ECO PS4 Concept features such energy-saving attributes as a zero watt standby mode, an ECO restart function that allows a player to pick up right where he/she left off in a game instead of having to do a complete restart, and a rechargeable battery that kicks in five minutes out of every 30 to power the system. It is also made from 60% recyclable material and has a stylish yet compact design.

The console also features cutting edge gaming tech like 3D compatibility, USB 3.0 ports, DLNA, and 4K2K compatibility. While this is strictly a concept build and not necessarily anything Sony will ever manufacture, it will perhaps give the electronics giant some food for thought on how to design a gaming console that is more environmentally friendly for the launch of the system instead of whipping out a system as fast as possible and then tweaking it afterwards to make it more green.

Keep it Green Always

For those who currently own a PS3 and are looking for ways to be environmentally responsible with it, consider unplugging it when not in use. It doesn’t do anything when not being played other than consume an admittedly small amount of energy. Also, when that PS4 does finally arrive, make sure to recycle the PS3 by selling it, recycling it, or even donating to a school or charitable group that could use it.

Let’s hope Sony is paying a little attention to the ECO PS4 Concept. It would be great if they could make the initial release of their upcoming console a testament to their ability to get it as green as possible the first time.

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