The eco-amp iPhone Speaker Made from Recycled Paper 1

The eco-amp portable iPhone speaker by eco-made is sustainable and is made of entirely FSC certified recycle fibers which are already used. The amplifier works in the same way in which the old gramophones used to do in the past. A horn, which is articulated, amplifies the sound which comes from a source which is a single point.

One of the biggest advantages of this device is that it is not run by the help of battery. Besides, if one tries to assemble, disassemble or reassemble this device, he would find it extremely easy. Both the storage and transportation are very easy with this device as no wire is required. It is a fantastic portable device which is eco – friendly, a perfect choice for people who like to use the eco friendly products.

The device makes the sound high up to the level of 30 dB, higher than the iPhone except the amplifier. As it has passed the test of white noise, and the solid tone, it can surely give a wonderful sound to listen. The intensity and the quality of the sound of iPhones differ a lot for with and without the portable eco friendly amplifier.

In this case without making any hazards to the environment one can listen to the songs much more loudly. It helps to save electricity. As it is made of sustainable products, it will not harm the environment like the products like plastic do. Eco- amp can easily be folded, and so it can be carried anywhere easily. The price of this device is $7.99. The size of the device is also very little. This device can be a perfect choice for the iPhone users to listen to their favorite music with the help of an eco – friendly device.

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  1. This is too cool! Great idea. Llove the tremendous sustainability-novation. :) I wonder if a publication like Wired would run a piece on this. :)

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