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DASH is a solar energy powered domestic lawn mowing solution. The machine, designed for urban/suburban residential use in New Zealand, is equipped with the third generation thin-film solar cells to harvest power from sun. As per its designer, the DASH lawn mowing system can reduce 5 percent of air pollution the conventional mowers add to the global total a year. DASH can certainly be included in the list of high-end utilities working with solar power.


DASH has not just been developed as an eco friendly and green solution to mow lawns. The designer of the machine has addressed some biggest limitations of the traditional mowers with the DASH. The lack of space and system to dispose the scythed clippings is simply met with it. The machine comes with an internal mulching system that can store the clippings and scatter them in the lawn as fertilizer for the soil. The system helps you not go for another method to process the waste somewhere else.

DASH rocks a nice exterior design. You have a highly comfortable handle to move the mower in the lawn. The designer has certainly integrated sustainable ideas with perfection on the mower. Harvesting power from sun, DASH cleans your lawn. Indeed, you can have a lofty satisfaction of making no much harm to the nature with the machine. You neither use gasoline to operate the mower, nor do you pull the clippings in heaps to generate the lethal methane gas.

Along with the thin film solar panels, DASH carries a 24 volt polymer-ion rechargeable battery to store the power harvested. However, the mowing machine is less weighty and can be managed with less effort. Even you can operate the mowing machine in your lawn without the help of a worker.

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