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Earlier this month our sister site,, revealed some of the oil, coal, and gas industry’s rhetoric for what it is: enormous lies designed to keep solar power from becoming a serious threat to their livelihood. This article, 4 1/2 Big Lies About Solar Power brought these huge fibs to our attention:

1. Solar is only for Liberal, Hippy Environmentalists

Although this is one of the most obvious lies (anyone paying attention to solar news knows it isn’t true), it is still one of the most widespread in the public’s consciousness.

The article mentions a recent study that was commissioned by Sunrun, the nations largest home solar company, which shows that – although only 33% of Romney voters believe in global climate change – they were more likely than Obama supporters to make “green” home improvements.

2. The 2009 Stimulus Package Investment Failed

It seems like “the failed stimulus” has become a Republican catch phrase and even Democrats are hardly ever seen actually praising the bill. This is unfortunate because, as the solar financing article explains, it was hugely successful, well-executed, and nearly scandal free.

3. Solar Power Can Only Compete because of Outrageous Subsidies

The reasoning behind this lie is simple and compelling: because solar has exploded since being subsidized, clearly it couldn’t compete without the subsidies. Therefore, they say, to be fair we should remove solar subsidies so that all energy can compete on an even footing.

The only problem with that is, as Bill Clinton revealed in an address at Solar Power International, the government spends $22 in subsidies for oil, coal, and nuclear energy for ever $1 invested in clean energy. Not only that but dirty energy has been receiving subsidies for the last hundred years.

So, we agree, let’s balance that market shall we? make it truly fair?

4. Solyndra’s Bankruptcy Proves that Solar is a Money Pit

Basically, Solyndra has become a scapegoat. It was an investment that made sense at the time but didn’t work out because, although they had a new process that could cut the price of solar panels in half, the price fell even faster!

However, the loan guarantee program, which the House Republicans wants to ban with their “No More Solyndras Act,” has actually been enormously successful. How successful? It has a higher success rate than Mitt Romney did during his time at Bain Capital (80%). By the way, isn’t it interesting that the same politicians who decry Solyndra are the same who say that the risks investment bankers take is necessary for the country’s economic success?

4.5 No Wars Have Every Been Fought Over Solar Power

This is half a lie because, although no land wars have ever been fought over solar power, the media is constantly buzzing about our “trade war” with China. And, indeed, it is reminiscent of a cold war arms race (except this time its the Koch brothers who want to Cut and Run!).

For more information…

This is only an outline of the points in “4 1/2 Big Lies About Solar Power,” so if you’re interested and want to see all the evidence, check out the full article.

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