The Advantages of Solar Power for UK Homes 0

Solar energy have been dubbed the future for energy. There are so many advantages to using solar energy that it is really worth considering it as an option for your home.

One major advantage of using solar energy in the UK along with other renewable sources of energy is the incentives that have been created by the government which will come into effect soon. The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme wants to encourage users to take up such low-carbon heating systems in order to produce fewer emissions, as well as preserve non-renewable resources. The scheme aims to help users save money with set tariff levels regulated with Ofgem, an energy regulator.

Monetary incentives such as an annual £400 (US$640) from the government and the promise of lower energy bills certainly seem attractive when it comes to solar energy. Houses with solar thermal panels are estimated to save users £100 (US$160) whilst providing the majority of hot water from April to September. A solar water heating system can help pay the heating bill and be used for half of the year, which could reap savings of between £50-£100 (US$80 – US$160).

It is also worth mentioning how using solar energy is good for the environment. Using renewable resources saves up non-renewable resources and can help slow down the process of the global warming. Using solar panels will not harm the environment in the same way as oil or coal and you can feel proud in helping to preserve the earth for our children.

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