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Furniture and renewable energies are two separate objects without any logical link to each other. While a renewable energy source endeavors to identify distinct natural resources and tap their unique potential in generating electrical energy through specialized devices, furniture is an apparatus that humans use for functional utility and for adding a sense of aesthetics to their dwelling spaces. But thanks to some spectacular breakthroughs achieved in the field of scientific research and technological innovation, designers have introduced different varieties of energy generating furniture that apart from looking visually appealing also serves the additional function of generating electrical energy.

  • Solo Lounge Table

For those people who have a colorfully lit interior or the ones who wish to have a cup of tea in their garden or on their personal yacht, the Solo Lounge table provides the one step solution to their lounging needs. But why Solo Lounge Table when there are several others already available in the market? The specialty of Solo Lounge Table lies in the fact that apart from being a fully functional table, it also doubles up as a solar energy harnessing unit. The table makes use of Bluetooth technology to gather, dispense and display information on the tabletop LCD display screen as well as timelessly between computers and the internet. The table also provides connectivity to recharge many electronic devices such as laptops and portable media devices. The Lounging table first collects and then converts solar energy into clean and resourceful electrical energy. The table’s USB, lighter, and standard 3 prong outlets have been designed to charge personal electronic devices.

While using the device in an outdoor setting, the Solo can extract more than 17 kilowatts of solar energy in a single year. The energy so harnessed so extracted is adequate to power phone batteries for close to 300 times and charge laptop batteries for almost 200 cycles. One must not highlight only the functional utility of the solar panels installed with the table, but a closer look will make it evident that there are plausible indications of artistic splendor attached to the surface of the panels which are compatible with both low key as well as contemporary designs.

  • Solar Table

The Solar Table designed and manufactured by Sun Tables makes use of a solar panel and automatically stores backup energy to power electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, lights, radios and more. The solar cells have the ability to tap solar energy and charge the internal batteries even when partially covered. A charged battery has the capacity to provide non-stop power to laptops for 4 hours of constant use.

  • Energy Harvesting Table

The primary theme behind conceptualizing the design of this table was to preserve energy by preventing its loss. This was achieved by implementing efficient ergonomics in designing the table. Therefore, the Energy harvesting table in sync with its name harvests energy with piezo electric elements incorporated within in its surface so that it can power small applications like light. The seats have been joined together with the table for the dual purpose of allowing the user to be seated close to the table and for providing the table with an extra energy generating source. This concept epitomizes the electric current sustainability idea as it helps in saving energy that gets lost otherwise in the normal course of events without any preventive measures.

  • Patio Table

One of the biggest drawbacks of solar-covered gadgets and mechanisms were the unattractive looks and complicated fitting procedures until the discovery of more aesthetically pleasing techniques. One example of such groundbreaking design techniques is the Patio table that is different from other similar gadgets due to the sheer sophistication and magnificence of its design. The outer surface of this table is covered with highly effective PV solar panel that is proficient in storing good amount of energy sufficient to provide fresh electricity to the home appliances of the user. It seems, the designers of the table took inspiration for styling its appearance from the Doric Order of Greek columns. The top of the table has been draped in graceful poly-crystalline PV cells and the base has been artistically carved out of a solid black ‘Terrazo’ piece giving the table a serene and composed look. Inspite of all its attractions, the table suffers from a major drawback in relation to the uncertainty prevailing over the amount and efficiency of electricity, has not yet been confirmed.

  • Solar Inside

VoltPot is one of the most unique designs conceptualized ever in the solar-empowered electronic gadget industry. It comprises of an exceptional coffee table that doubles up into an indoor planter and triples itself up into a gadget charger. The concept table has been successfully able to make a miniature natural ecosystem work in the indoors by gathering the power of dirt using an in-built microbial fuel compartment that supplies substantial energy to charge portable electronic gadgets. The in-house fuel compartment has been enabled to use the metabolic energy of the microscopic organisms present in soil and convert that energy directly into electrical energy at a perpetual speed. The designers have been able to harvest about one watt of power per cubic meter of soil in the present conditions, but test conditions predict the power to be more than ten times the reported figure.

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