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The sun is not only the answer to cutting carbon emissions with utility-scale solar farms and residential PV-systems. In fact, solar has many of other neat uses. Here are five of the coolest ones:

1. The Eco Traveler Solar Backpack 

Empress Solar Backpack

The Eco Traveler Solar Backpack is based upon the technology of portable solar chargers. This backpack allows you to charge your electronic devices when you’re out hiking, or basically as long as the solar cells on the back are positioned in a way that it catches some sunlight.

Prices for this particular model usually ranges between $110 – 140.

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2. Solar-Powered Fan

What do you do if you’re lying on the beach and overheating in the sun? The obvious answer would be going for a swim, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could flip on a completely portable solar-powered fan, which would be running regardless of if you’re close to an electrical socket, and would not run out of battery power until the sunset?

These are usually priced somewhere between  $40 – 60.

Solar Fan


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3. Solar Cellphone Charger

Solar Cellphone Charger

Have you ever run out of battery when away from your charger, or maybe even miles and miles from the nearest electrical socket? A solar-powered cellphone charger is the answer.

Amazon has several models for these. The one in the picture below is only $15.90 and will recharge other small electrical appliances as well.

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4. Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker

A solar cooker, or sun oven as they are sometimes referred to as, are excellent alternatives to gas-powered cookers when it comes to making yourself a warm meal when out camping.

The reflecting arms you can see extend from the cooker itself will focus the solar radiation onto your meal, and even though most models are slower than convectional portable stoves, it will not produce any carbon dioxide!

You should be able to find good solar cookers for under $300.

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5. Solar-Powered Wooden Copter

At the bottom of our list, you’ll find the amazing solar-powered wood copter. Place it in the sun and the rotors will start spinning – unfortunately that’s about all it does! You pay $32 for the solar panel costs attached to the small wooden frame.

Solar Powered Wooden Copter



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