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The Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit 2012 will take place on March 19-21, in New York, New York. The summit will focus on clean energy in a post subsidy future. Every year for the past five years the Summit has been an important draw for top energy experts from industry and finance.

On February 23rd, clean energy ditched the ‘alternative’ label with the trillionth dollar invested in 2011, and has seen costs fall dramatically in the last three years.

Michael Liebreich, Chief Executive of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, says: “After a few years of dramatic – in some cases painful – cost reductions, clean energy technologies are on the cusp of becoming competitive, whether it is rooftop solar competing with daytime retail power prices, or the best wind-farms producing power as cheaply as fossil-fuelled plants. “Yet at the same time, support mechanisms that might be needed to get the sector through the next few years to maturity are under pressure as never before, due to the fiscal and political environment.

How should companies navigate the transition to a post-subsidy world? How can policy-makers reduce and then remove subsidies without killing the industry? Should any forms of subsidy at all survive long-term? Can fossil-fuel subsidies be redirected to support cleaner solutions? These are all vital questions which we hope to explore at the Summit.

At the 2012 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit there is an impressive lineup of speakers from industry, finance, academia and policy.

Each year the Summit addresses three core challenges of the clean energy industry: technology development; building a competitive clean energy infrastructure, and integrating into the world’s energy system. This year, as governments and consumers place renewed focus on clean, abundant and cost-effective sources of energy, the Summit will ask ‘how should clean energy chart a course to a post-subsidy world?’

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