Thank you for requesting a free solar quote from SolarFeeds. A local installer will be contacting you shortly. Here’s what to expect:

  • A conversation regarding why you are interested in solar
  • A review of your current electricity usage
  • Discussion, based on your needs and interests, on what the most appropriate system size would be for your home
  • An estimate of how much solar will be saving you on a monthly basis
  • Your carbon offset and the environmental benefits of going solar
  • Introduction to different loan/leasing options available to you. It’s recommended that you understand the basics of the two primary methods of solar financing–solar leases/PPAs and solar loans.
  • Explanation of federal and state incentives and rebates for which you may be eligible
  • What possible next steps would look like

If you’d like to brush up on your solar knowledge in the meantime, check out our FAQ page here. Best of luck going solar and thanks for being a SolarFeeds reader!