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When it comes to Tesla Motors, the sustainable ambit doesn’t stop at the exalted Roadster, one of the worlds’ finest electric powered sportscar. In fact, the celebrated automaker has now embarked on a differently ambitious route of ‘greenness’. This time a collaborative endeavor with solar panel leasing company SolarCity entails the creation of a packaged electrical system for effectively and safely powering completely off grid dwellings.

In a conventional scope, the majority of the households that do utilize solar panels are actually linked to the local electric grid. This is partly because of the high costs involving battery back up to store the solar energy. So, in case of excess harnessing of power, these panels tend to back feed the extra power to the grid network. However, the predicament arises when the main power is cut off due to any reason. So, when maintenance and utility workers step in to solve the situation, they have to risk their safety (with consequences like electrocution), given the solar panels potentiality to still back feed during the power shutdown phase.

Taking all of these into consideration, the aforementioned companies are looking forth to resolve the situation with their definitive expertise in each related field. Tesla Motors has long been a major player in optimizing lithium-ion battery packs for enhanced efficiency. On the other hand, SolarCity has successfully formulated a program that allows customers to install solar panels at a cost effective rate.

So, the slated partnership can ultimately transpire into a symbiotic endeavor that provides a collective solution to solar panels owners. Reduced costs can encourage people to invest more on the renewable power set up, while effective batteries will prevent people from connecting to the main grid, thus insinuating a totally off grid scope.

From the commercial perspective, this collaborative project was started way back in 2010, by catering to only six homes in New York. But, now with more households opting for solar installations across United States, the touted proposal may still bear its fruit, especially when it comes to long term technical solutions.

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