Tea party figure coming to Louisiana to fight to save solar power tax credit 0

Debbie Dooley

Debbie DooleyLouisiana’s solar power industry is bringing in a big tea party gun to fight the Jindal administration’s assault on a tax break it says is vital to its survival.

The daughter of a Bogalusa preacher who now lives in Atlanta,  was one of the 22 organizers of the first nationwide tea party protest in 2009.

Perhaps showing that conservative philosophies are not monolithic, Dooley rails against corporate domination at the expense of individuals when a frequent guest of conservative commentators like Sean Hannity. She’s been profiled in The New Yorker for rallying to the support of solar power, even as some right-wing powerhouses like the American Legislative Exchange Council push their members, some of whom are Louisiana legislators, to dismantle it.

The issue for Dooley is not so much the cutting-edge technology that produces renewable energy but government policies that favor big utilities and multinational fossil-fuel corporations at the expense of a competing industry.


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