Talesun Solar Awarded Seal of Quality for PV Modules 0

Talesun Solar: the first Chinese Solar company to be awarded the “VDE Quality Tested“ seal of quality for Photovoltaic Modules.

VDE has developed the new testing program for this highly valuable seal of quality in close cooperation with the solar industry, solar project investors, and our international network of partner laboratories. With this finely tuned and optimized product, we are able to precisely meet the needs for product testing and quality control, while avoiding unnecessary excess testing parameters and costs,” stated Wilfried Jaeger, Managing Director of the VDE Institute.

“Our long term experience in the testing and certification business, as well as the careful analysis and evaluation of our accrued test data, have allowed the “VDE Quality Tested” seal to achieve international recognition as a premier seal in the certification industry,” concluded Mr. Jaeger.

Today, Talesun shall be awarded the “VDE Quality Tested” seal of quality at the start of the world’s largest photovoltaics exhibition, the SNEC PV Power Expo 2012. “We at Talesun have always focused from the very beginning of our business on the highest level of quality,” stated Baixing Wang, founder and Chairman of Talesun, during the awarding ceremony today in Shanghai.

“By successfully achieving the “VDE Quality Tested” seal of quality, we have reached another important milestone in the execution of our quality policy and strategy. We will engage in more high level testing programs with the VDE Institute in order to enable us to continue to offer our stakeholders and clients the best level of trust, safety and sustainability for our products,” added Mr. Wang.

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