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Sun Boxes at Vermont Parks are amazing! If you remember – in June – we posted about the awesome Sun Boxes at Vermont Parks. Well good news for those of you who want more. Installation artist Craig Colorusso has finished his film featuring Sun Boxes, Cubemusic, and MB 89.

The film will be premiering at The Camden International Film Festival on September 30th at The Strand Theater in Camden, Maine.

INSTALL the film enters the world of installation artist Craig Colorusso who is transforming our environment through sculpture, light and sound. A series of audio interviews with the artist accompany a wide breadth of footage that traverses the New England landscape to capture three installations: MB 89, CUBEMUSIC, and SUN BOXES. Colorusso candidly recalls the salient moments that have helped shape both the world he is creating and the life he is living.

The filmmaker of this great film is Kevin Belli.

Anxious for a preview? Check out the teaser today – you will not be disappointed by this innovative solar installer.

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