Stimulus Funds to Cover Portion of Florida Solar Rebate Backlog 0

Many Florida homeowners who applied for rebates when installingenergy-efficient air conditioning and solar energy systems as part ofthe Florida Solar Rebate Program have waited quite a while for thatcheck in the mail. According to the Sun-Sentinel, the program expired at the end of June, its funds having run out months before. Over 10,000 applications were received since the cash dried up, leaving thousands of Florida residents without their solar rebate orenergy-efficiency rebate money.

On Tuesday, state lawmakers changed their ways and approved $31million in federal stimulus funds for those homeowners previously cutoff when the rebate program ran dry. The rebate funds – $2.5 million for air conditioners and $29 million for solar energy systems — won’t cover everyone. But the Florida Independent says the stimulus dollars should cover every homeowner in the state who applied for the rebate on time.

There is currently no solar rebate program in Florida, a state thathas made some puzzling moves in order to try to come up with the moneyto fund such a program. Despite this, Florida — with 39 megawatts (MW)– still ranks sixth in the nation in installed solar capacity. This ispartly due to all the sunshine in the state begging people to installsolar, and partly due to Gainesville’s feed-in. So many people were interested that program that it quickly ran out of funds and has a waiting list of seven years.

At least those waiting for checks through the state’s solar rebate program won’t have to wait THAT long…

Stimulus Funds to Cover Portion of Florida Solar Rebate Backlog

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