SPI 2012: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly 0

Now that I have had a chance to review my thoughts and go through all of the business cards and brochures I collected at the Solar Power International convention these past few days in Orlando here’s my take:

The Good was to be found in the enthusiasm, optimism and innovation on display. There were a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs I spoke with who are doing some pretty amazing things. However, there were 2 in particular I would like to mention that really captured my imagination by the way they are taking advantage of falling PV prices to try and reinvent the traditional solar water heating system. Those 2 companies were Next Generation Energy and EDS.

The Bad was the overall sense I got of how very vulnerable the solar industry still is to the whims of Washington. 2016 is fast approaching and whether the manufacturers and installers I talked to can continue the success they’ve had when it comes to driving down costs to be able to compete in a non-subsidized or even less-subsidized environment remains to be seen.

The ugly was the conspicuous consumption and alcohol-fueled party atmosphere found in the booths of companies that are bleeding shareholder money. I will have the decency not to name names. However, for one company in particular whose stock I have profitably traded in the past let me say this: If your shares ever return to a price where they are once again available to be shorted I will be shorting the shit out of them.

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