SolarReviews: Improving the Solar Experience for Consumers and Installers 0


SolarReviews, a recently launched consumer reviews website dedicated to the solar industry, has unveiled a customer engagement model designed to improve the solar experience for consumers and installers. Visitors to the website are able to search for installers who serve their area, view installer profiles, read independent customer reviews, and request a solar quote from their favorite installers.

There has been no shortage of lead generation services available to the solar industry, although to date these methods have used an anonymous process, where consumers using the services are given no information or choice about which installers their details are being sent to. As a result of not connecting consumers with their preferred company, installers can experience an inefficient use of sales resources and poor sales close rates, leading to a poor return on investment. From a consumer’s perspective, they are overwhelmed with sales calls from installers that don’t meet their preferences.

The SolarReviews process gives consumers complete visibility of the details and reputation of each installer, which ensures that the installers they choose to request a quote from are likely to suit their preferences. “Consumers are conducting research online now more than ever, and reviews websites are playing a big part of that”, stated Jesse Truax, VP of Marketing and Business Development for SolarReviews. A survey by Search Engine Land found that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

By giving consumers the ability to conduct research and choose which installer they would like to do business with, SolarReviews will improve the solar experience for consumers, leading to higher sales close rates for installers. Pilot results that led to the development of the SolarReviews process indicated sales close rates that were significantly higher than that of traditional lead generation services. This process is a very positive step forward for consumers and installers and will enhance the overall reputation of the solar industry.

SolarReviews encourages installers, who have not yet claimed their profile, to register on Once registered, installers will have the ability to add/change company information, photos, services, territories, and more. Most importantly, installers can solicit reviews from customers and leverage those reviews to generate solar consultation requests through SolarReviews.

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