Solar Trees Installed at Discovery Place Museum in Charlotte 0

This really is one of the most interesting solar jobs you’ll ever get to see. SEM installed a pair of “solar trees” for Discovery Place museum in Charlotte for our friends at Spotlight Solar. The purpose is two-fold: they are designed to look interesting and they offer an opportunity for education. Aside from the bright orange and blue bases overlooking downtown Charlotte, there will be a kiosk in Discovery Place’s lobby, letting people get a better understanding of how solar works and what impact things like seasons, shadows, angle of sunlight, etc. can have on production.

We blogged about Spotlight Solar last year, and it’s really fun to see one of these projects come to fruition.

Click here to read our release about the project.

This project offers a spectacular view of downtown Charlotte, and was designed to catch your eye!

Chris Cowperthwaite is a Writer and Multimedia Specialist at Southern Energy Management. Read more about him here.

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