Solar Shavers Have Arrived

Solar shavers. I never would have believed they were necessary, butthey do give guys freedom to get a close shave without plugging into the grid.

Ecouterre describes the target demographic for this gadget perfectly: “Whether you’re ajet-setting business traveler or a mountain man who doesn’t shy awayfrom a 5-’o-clock shadow, solar shavers are perfect for keeping yourbeard in check when you’re off the grid.”

Something for mountain men and business travelers? Most guys can fit into one of those groups — at least in spirit. So clearly, youreally need a solar-powered razor. This device recharges from the sun in 8 to 12 hours, which seems long — unless you strap it to your backpackwhile fighting bears in the wilderness, obviously.

Smart Solar makes this unexpected device, and if you’re interested you can purchase them here.

Weekly Whacky Use of Solar Power: Solar Shavers

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