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The solar energy industry has been expanding by leaps and bounds, creating new products and services and constantly providing new opportunities. With annual doubling of solar panel installations and solar heating systems, solar is at the forefront of helping to power economic expansion.

With new federal guidelines on energy use and consumption, and President Obama’s goals for re-powering America, solar energy is providing an unprecedented amount of new jobs for workers all across the nation. Numerous federal and state municipal buildings are being renovated to be more energy efficient, commercial buildings are being retrofitted with solar panels to decrease company overhead, and many consumers are finding solar panels to be a great investment not only due to the short term benefits of decreased utility bills and tax breaks, but also because of the increase of their property values.

All of these new efforts employee a wide variety of people from solar panel installers, customer service representatives, call center employees, research and design teams, PV cell manufacturers, energy auditors, and all the innumerable people connected in advertising, shipping, and other agencies. There are now more than 200 new companies in Tennessee alone involved in the production and implementation of solar panels and solar energy. As of November 14, 2011, California’s Environment & Research Policy Center is reporting  over 3,500 active solar energy companies are directly employing 25,000 people to manufacture, install, and maintain over one million solar rooftop installations.

Solar Energy World is contributing to this repowering of America by employing many people in the immediate Washington, D.C., Maryland, and New Jersey areas to meet the increasing demands of tomorrow’s energy economy. Our employees are busy working to improve energy efficiency and keep America’s clean technology industries active and productive. By using the most available, abundant, free, and clean natural energy resource (the sun!) we are working hard to provide a future for not only America’s energy needs, but for the futures our employees and their families. A strong, energy independent economy will provide plenty of opportunities for all future Americans.

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