Solar Powered Netbook Coming from Samsung

samsung nc10

Although technology is developing at a fast rate, many countries are still struggling for electricity. It is very obvious that placeswithout electricity do not find much use of the new and modern gadgetscoming up everyday.

In order to spread technology globally, the electricity problem hasto be sorted out soon. Samsung has shown its serious concern about thisproblem and is working on the introduction of a netbook that can bepowered by sunlight. It is being assumed that some small solar panelswill be installed in the netbook to provide the required power from thesun.

For now, the solar netbook is still under consideration but Samsung isalready holding a forum at Kenya to showcase its special electronicsmade for Africa. If the company succeeds in developing a solar netbook,it will surely change the existing scenario of countries like Africa.

Source: mobilemag


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