Solar Powered Hybrid Yacht from Astheimer


solar superyacht_2

UK-based design firm  Ltd has conceptualized a low-emission superyacht that is propelled by ahybrid engine, with the electric engine getting powered by an onboardarray of solar panels. The 75m superyacht features an explorer type hull and a fluid, sculpted superstructure that offers spacious interior andexterior spaces, allowing the owner and guests to connect with themarine environment.


The aluminum exoskeleton of the superyacht maximizes the potentialof the latest in solar panel technology by integrating formabletransparent photovoltaic panels. Unlike conventional solar panels, which generate electricity from visible light, these panels convertultraviolet light into electricity, which assists the hybrid drive.


The atrium is adorned with a real tree, which is continually fedthrough osmosis. Moreover, a raised helm station with 360 degree viewsand connecting captain’s cabin and a master cabin with panoramic viewshave also been included. The superyacht also includes six social areasand nine luxury cabins with bathrooms.

solar superyacht_1

solar superyacht_2

Via: Super Yacht Times


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