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A leading UK solar power resource website has just launched a new Solar PV Calculator which allows consumers within the UK to explore the potential ROI when installing solar panels.

By factoring in the size of the solar panel installation, along with roof pitch and the direction the panels face allows the calculator to generate an approximate ROI for those considering renewable energy as a way of reducing their monthly energy bills.

This calculator goes one step further

Unlike most other solar ROI calculators available, this version uses a specialist database factoring in sun time for your location calculated from your GPS co-ordinates. This additional step drastically vary the results with a calculated difference in earnings of over £5,500 during a period of 25 years.

The calculator also imports technology rom its previously published tools such as the “Solar Suitability Checker” which allows the user to enter their location and then zoom in on the roof of their property to decide the best performing section to install the panels.

The new calculator marks a new era in solar calculators available freely to consumers in a bid to expand renewable energy to those in the UK who thought it may not be a financially viable option.

Marketing executive,  commented “We are very excited about the launch of our new solar PV calculator. It is yet another weapon in our arsenal as we try to bring renewable energy to more homes within the UK.”

“It is by no means a new idea but by bringing together all the latest advancements in technology, we feel we have been able to improve on many of the solar energy calculators available today.”

The results from the calculator are very simple to understand by using graphs to illustrate the income, estimated system cost and total profit or loss figures. It also adds simple to understand annual and long term return figures, this really has to be one of the best solar ROI calculators we have seen. It also estimates the likely cost of the proposed installation.

If you would like to know more, visit the Solar PV Calculator or the Solar Panels UK Google+ page for latest developments.


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  1. Hi,Thanks for providing the info. that united kingdom had launched a new Solar PV Calculator which allows consumers within the UK to explore the potential ROI when installing solar panels.This will be a great boon in solar sector and will lead us in the new era..Will be waiting for new post

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