Solar power and LED lighting are the perfect combination, kinda like milk and cookies. They work well with each other while complimenting their best attributes. Why do they work so well together? Well here’s a few reasons.

LED Lights Run on DC Power

The old standard of using CFL or other types of lamps in solar lighting applications always needed a converter of some sort to run the light. This caused a loss in power, and the solar had to make up for it by being larger and having extra battery storage. Since LEDs run directly from DC power, there is no need for a converter or extra power to make up for the loss.

Better Light Output

LEDs provide a better light output and can meet any part of the lighting spectrum from bright blue-white to soft warm glow of incandescent lamps. They also come in a variety of colors for other applications such as landscape, decorative, or mood lighting.

Better Visibility

The bright white of LEDs provide a better CRI (color rendition index) and provide better sight at night. As LEDs can match the CRI of the sun, looking under a solar LED street light would not be much different than looking at the same thing during the day.

Lower Power Consumption

LEDs use a fraction of the power needed for one incandescent lamp and a third less power than compact fluorescent lamps. The lower power consumption provides better light patterns for the same size solar power system, which in turn lowers the cost due to fewer poles needing to be installed.

Longer Life Expectancy

Solar lasts 25+ years, why do you want to go change your lamp out every couple years? Metal halide, LPS, HPS, even compact fluorescent lamps need to be changed out quite often. LEDs provide 10+ years of life expectancy and make a solar lighting system practically maintenance free.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar provides power for applications without using any other source of energy other than the sun, and LEDs use that energy to provide lighting. How perfect is that!

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  1. Solar Lights Enjoyed this article.The fact that not having to change bulbs and almost maintenance free it's hard not to choose the right Solar Light for your needs.
  2. The article says that LEDs use "a third less power than compact fluorescent lamps". Can you provide a reference for this claim, for normal commercially available (not lab tests) LED and CFL bulbs? Or a reference to Lm/W for LED and CFL (again, not lab test).

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