Solar Junction Breaking CPV Efficiency Records

Solar Junction Breaking CPV Efficiency Records

Solar Junction, the compound semiconductor startup, just set an NREL-validatedworld-record efficiency of 43.5 percent efficiency for acommercial-ready CPV cell. 

This 43.5 percent number comes just two months after Solar Junctionreported achieving an NREL verified 41.4 percent efficiency and threemonths after announcing 40.9 percent. The company continues to raise the bar for CPV, improving the chances for concentrating photovoltaics(CPV).

Modest gains in CPV cell efficiency can translate to significantreduction in levelized cost of energy (LCOE) — so the increase is nottrivial and bodes well for continued progress for the startup and theCPV industry as a whole. And these are not really modest gains – theyborder on garish. 

Additionally, the firm is on a short list of finalists chosen forpost-selection due diligence within the Department of Energy’s (DOE)Loan Guarantee Program (LGP). The loan would support construction ofSolar Junction’s 250-megawatt capacity manufacturing facility in SanJose, California.

Solar Junction expects to begin shipping commercial cells this year.

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