Solar Cost and Market Size


This one is for the chart nerds.

A month ago I wrote about the changing cost of solar from 2009 to 2010, and the still remarkable lack of correlation between state solar market size and the cost of solar.  In particular, one chart plotted the cost of solar against the size of the state market, with data from Lawrence Berkeley Labs’ Tracking the Sun IV [pdf].

People complained because I left off California, the largest solar market.  It is such an outlier (with a solar market four times larger than the #2 market, New Jersey), that is wasn’t practical to put it on the chart (see below).

So for the many of you who insisted it could be shown, here’s the log scale version of the same chart, with California included (and state solar market rankings, for the top 10 states, included – not all top 10 had data available in Tracking the Sun).

A chart plotting state solar market size against the cost of solar in 2010 (log scale)

While the log scale chart would suit Edward Tufte‘s design principles, it may have substituted intellectual purity for accessibility.

Original Article on Energy Self Reliant States

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