Solar Comes to Tunisia 0

A recent report on African Jet said that British investors have proposed the creation of a solar power plant in Rjim Maatoug, Governorate of Kebili. The plant would have a capacity of 2,000 megawatts to be connected directly to the European power network.

The plan was presented during a recent meeting with solar powerpower investors in the capital Tunis. The cost of the project is estimated at EUR 10 billion (US$13.33 billion). It would take six years to complete and generate 20,000 jobs.

Meanwhile, solar power took a blow in Europe as Italy decided to reduce support for solar projects. A Reuters report said the southern European country is about to halve incentives for production. The Italian government wants to reduce electricity bills as these are the source of funds for incentives such as GIFI feed-in tariffs. Even small sized installations will be affected, the report added.

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