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The power of the sun doesn’t seem to be confined to cars, homes or even boats. The stylist behind pop sensation Lady Gaga’s eye-popping meat dress has announced that he will launch his fashion label named Formichetti in mid-2013 that will include solar-powered garments. The novel idea will see wearers of the clothes being able to charge their cellphones while on the go.

While the day of the launch for the solar-powered clothes is still far off, Nicola Formichetti looks set to realize his dream, terming the concept ‘digitally oriented and high-tech’. In an interview, the designer said that it is time to come up with new techniques when designing clothes. An example he gave was having a jacket molded to the body instead of one with a zipper.

Formichetti is currently working with a company to develop the materials for his solar-powered clothes. It should be a while before they see the light of day but we’ll be eagerly waiting for the launch.

The 35-year-old Italian and Japanese designer is the creative director for MUGLER, a French fashion house. He came into further prominence after designing a meat dress for Lady Gaga that received widespread praise as well as criticism. According to him, it was the meat dress that gave him the confidence to go ahead with his plans for the solar-powered garments.

Formichetti has also designed other items of clothing for Lady Gaga including a yolk-colored latex number and has worked with such fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, D&G and Prada, among others. Once the solar-powered clothes hit the markets, Formichetti is likely to see his reputation soar even higher. We’re hoping that he extends his concept even further to accessories so that wearers won’t need to rely on any external power source for their electronic gadgets again.

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