Solar Bus Shelters in Corona, CA 0

city of corona solar bus shelters by solade concepts_1

City of Corona has unveiled a newly installed bus shelter forresidents who prefer public transportation. The sustainable bus shelterhas been designed by Solade Concepts and features a rooftop array of solar panels. The installation marked the first grid-connected solar system for bus shelters.

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In major U.S. cities, bus stops can be found as often as every 650feet, equipping each of these shelters with grid-connected solarinstallations, might help the grid source renewable electricity duringpeak hours. The solar panels on Corona’s bus shelter are highlyefficient and can generate over 1KW of power. A small percentage of theenergy generated by the solar array is stored in batteries that is usedto power a 15W LED bulb after dark.

city of corona solar bus shelters by solade concepts_3

Via: Renewable Energy World


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