Solar Accounted for 10% of Germany’s Electricity in May 0

According to the Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry, solar power accounted for 10 percent of Germany’s total electricity production in May, an increase of 40 percent from the previous year. Two factors contributed to the rise: bigger generation capacity and sunny days.

“Germany’s decision to replace nuclear energy with other sources is proving to not only be possible, but is creating many valuable prospects for the renewables sector. The continued strength of the solar market has sparked greater investment from abroad,” said Tobias Homann, photovoltaic industry expert from Germany Trade & Invest in Berlin.

The organization will be present at the Intersolar North America Exhibition in San Francisco from July 10-12 to discuss opportunities within the sector. Germany’s strong leadership in the alternative energy sector is attracting foreign investors such as bSolar, an Israel-based solar PV cell company that has established a plant in Heilbronn to produce high-efficiency bifacial cells. This type of rooftop cells can produce more electricity at lower costs.

“Strong demand partnered with a highly skilled workforce, intensive R&D and a political framework supportive of renewables make Germany an obvious point of investment,” said Dr. Yossi Kofman, co-founder and CEO of bSolar.

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