Smart Solar International’s 36% Efficient Triple Junction Solar Cell 0

Smart Solar International Inc, an offshoot organization from the University of Tokyo is developing their advanced version of a highly efficient solar cell. Fundamentally, their conception is based upon a uniaxial tracking light condensing system, embedded with triple junction compound photovoltaic cells. This triple junction compound cell insinuates a structure in which InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) and InGaP (indium gallium phosphide) are trapped on a Ge (germanium) substrate.

However, beyond mere technicality, the researchers are touting that their creation has incredibly high levels of efficiency, when used in a practical scope. For example, when the set up is utilized in conjunction with a module, the cell conversion efficiency is 32 percent without light condensing, and 36 percent in the range of 100x to 500x light condensing. In fact, in normal or even low natural lighting situations, the system can give up to 23 percent efficiency; which is claimed to be a world record of sorts by the associated scientists.

When these high efficiency percentages are translated into solid output figures, maximum output of power generated by this triple junction fueled 15kg module is 200W, with the size of the integrated mirror being marked at 200 x 60cm. But, more importantly, the researchers have also kept the overall cost of their prototype system to manageable limits at ¥84,000 (approximately $1,007).

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