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Whether it is our computers, televisions, mobile phone chargers or entertainment systems, they remain powered by vampire energy even when not in use and each of these devices uses around 50 to 57 Watts of power in the standby mode. 10 percent of the standby power is the outcome of residential use and more than half the energy used in office buildings is after work hours, taking the total waste in United States to $10 billion every year.

Smart plugs by Plugwise are all set to rescue businesses and homeowners from the energy bill demise. The simple interface of the smart plug will show you the energy consumption per appliance along with the per unit cost, by simply accessing it from a smart phone or browser. Plug your device into the smart plug and it will relay all the information to the software via a wireless system. Your appliance or device will be automatically turned off when idle, on a standby mode. You also have the option of setting a schedule time for the turn off. Getting all this at a price of $50 per unit is a worthy investment and it will take around 4 to 8 months for it to yield a return.

Most of us are ignorant about the amount of money we shell out by leaving our electric devices plugged in, but now we have an efficient way out. Plugwise had successfully launched smart plugs in Netherlands during 2007 and currently enjoys good popularity throughout Europe. They now aspire to serve the Americans and equip them for preventing the waste of power.

Via: kWh Power

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