Smart Meter Events Begin in California

Havequestions about the new meter installed on your home?  Do you wonder how it works?  Will it record energy use differently than the “old”version?   Will the new smart meter change your energy bill?

These questions and more will be answered in a free seminar series that kicks off this week in California.  Called “Smart Meters & Solar – 10 things homeowners should know about their new smart meter, the series is presented by HelioPower, a leading California solar installation firm.

Millions of homes have or will receive smart meters in California.Mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), allinvestor owned utilities including Southern California Edison (SCE),Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), and San Diego Gas & Electric(SDG&E) are installing smart meters.

The “Smart Meters and Solar” series is designed to help homeowners understand their new smart meter, how it records energy use and affects

PG&E Smart Meter
PG&E Smart Meter

their electric bill, and how the new digital equipment works with solar energy production.  Sponsored by Canadian Solar, one of the world’s largest solar companies, the seminars will be mostbeneficial for homeowners whose electric companies are SCE, PG&E orSDG&E.

Smart meters are the residential point of information collection forthe smart grid. They connect your home to the smart grid in much thesame way a cable or DSL modem connects you to the internet.

“While most homeowners are familiar with the installation of smartmeters on their homes, many are seeking more information about the smart meters’ impact on their electric bills,” said Scott Gordon, VicePresident, Residential Sales for HelioPower.  “We will cover the 10 things homeowners need to know about smart meters including how to read the meter and how the new digital meters recordenergy use.  We will also look at how and when solar is appropriate inthis new ‘smart grid’ world.”

As part of the education effort, HelioPower has created a resourcesection about smart meters. Homeowners can find this information here on the HelioPower website page, 10 Things About Smart Meters & Solar.

The free informational seminars will begin at 6:30 pm.  The first 20attendees at each event will receive a free solar LED key chain.

More information for community events and directions to reserve space is available by calling Billie Rafferty at 1.951.398.9811 or by going to Smart Meters and Solar online here.


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