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“Singapore aims to develop a globally competitive cleantech industry and serve as the gateway to Asia for international companies,” said Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck at the Singapore Sustainability Awards 2011.

In order to accomplish this, Singapore has developed the Singapore Sustainability Alliance (SSA) — a part of the International Cleantech Network and the center of sustainable business practices within Singapore.Singapore Sustainability

Singapore Sustainability prides itself on its ability to develop interactions between business and entrepreneurs, promoting learning and sharing of information and practice.

The alliance works to form partnerships in business and technology ventures, with members in the following industries:

Clean and efficient energy

Environmental management

Green IT

Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainable supply chain and logistics

Sustainable water solutions

Waste management and recycling

Sustainable business practices

Singapore Sustainability connects members from these industries to promote research and learning in the development of sustainable business practices.

The cluster has three main points of focus: voice representation, capacity building, and business facilitation.

Voice representation refers to policy development that member companies participate in, accomplished by contributing to public policy in order to endorse business sustainability.

Capacity building is the construction or expansion of businesses in areas of workforce and technology when adopting sustainable practices, facilitated by incentives and assistance programs.

Business facilitation refers to the Alliance’s encouragement of discussion and partnerships among members of the Alliance and to the commencement of projects both locally and abroad.

The Sustainable Development Business Group (SDBG) of Singapore Business Federation hosts SSA as secretariat.

It is through the SDBG that Singapore Sustainability is able to obtain incentives and funding for the various sustainability activities that aid business development.

SSA was founded by the Economic Development Board, Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore, Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore, and Singapore Water Association.

Singapore Sustainability Awards 2011

On July 11, 2011, the Singapore Business Federation hosted the Singapore Sustainability Awards 2011, an awards program that recognized nine companies for their cleantech contributions.

The awards are presented by a panel of judges involved in the various industries represented; companies were judged on initiatives in innovation, social responsibility, commercial potential, sustainable business grown, and environmental health and safety.

The ceremony also marked the official launch of the Singapore Sustainability Alliance and its membership in the International Cleantech Network.

In the area of Sustainable Business Awards for Enterprise Sustainable Businesses, the award recipients were DHL, Sembcorp Industries, and JTC Corporation.

In the area of Sustainable Business Awards for SME Sustainable Businesses, the award recipients were Greenpac, Rigel Technology, and Siloso Beach Resort.

And in the area of Green IT companies, the award winners were the National Library Board, Tak System Integration, and eBUS Media Networks.

Teo Ser Luck, Minister of the State for Trade and Industry, was present as an honored guest for the ceremony. He commended the Singapore Business Federation on their development of the Singapore Sustainability Alliance.

— Brianna Panzica for Green Chip Stocks

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