Singapore Polytechnic Students Build a Cool Solar Kiosk 0

If you ever felt limited by the battery supply of your laptop or even your cell phone, then you might as well check the solar kiosk developed by students of Singapore Polytechnic in collaboration with Ascendas. The solar kiosk features six thin film solar panels that can generate enough power to charge a laptop for 6 continuous hours on a sunny day.

The modular design of the kiosk comes with a seat and a table top , which can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. One can use these for organising outdoor meetings in clusters, or for outdoor exhibitions and beside a poolside lounge as a resting platform, or just place them in business parkas or community gardens, it will provide mobile shelter to people while charging their basic gadgets.

Apart from the thin film soalr panels, the kiosks will also have a hidden battery placed beneath the seat along with an inverter that will power its lighting system and work as a supplement when the sun is out of sight.

Very single modular measures 1.8m side, 2.2m long and 2.5 m in height. Aluminium frames support the table and the roof and roller attached to a timer base provide it mobility. It will take around three hours for three men to install the kiosk by assembling the structure. The practical idea befits the modern life, where rest is not possible without your gadgets beside you, therefore , it gives you a sheltered place and the power that keeps your gadgets going.

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