Siemens Develops Modular Power Storage for Renewable Energy 0

Siemens is now trying to step into this growing market as well with its latest modular power storage system dubbed the ‘Siestorage’. These lithium-ion power storage systems offered by Siemens start off at 16kWh and you can extend them to a capacity of 2 MWh. The 500 KWh that is being showcased by Siemens can power up to 50 households and fits into an average-sized shipping container or any equivalent space with ease and offer as a power output of 8MW.

Siemens already has its first high profile client in the form of Enel as a 500 KWh storage system has been installed already for the use of the Italian power giant. Obviously Siemens hopes to tap into the large market out there which is rapidly turning towards alternate energy and needs a stable and efficient energy storage system to complement the clean power generating sources.

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