Seiko Introduces World’s First Solar Powered GPS Watch 0

Seiko Holding Corp., a Japanese watch company revealed this Monday, the world’s very first solar powered watch named Seiko Astron, which uses global positioning system satellites and can keep time anywhere on the earth. According to Shinji Astron, President of Seiko, this is the second time that Seiko has brought revolution in the watch industry. Earlier in 1969 Seiko has unveiled the world’s first Quartz watch and now with Seiko Astron the present watch technologies have been ultimately personified.

The new watch itself is an incredible invention since it is fully solar powered and will never need to be charged by a battery. It will require at least four GPS satellites to receive signals in order to identify the current exact location of its user. The exact time and the time zone will also be recognized on the basis of location. With the atomic clock precision, the hands of the watch will adjust automatically and accurately to the local time. The watch also features an everlasting calendar and just as time the date will always be accurate.

Seiko looks forward to release it worldwide in the late September and the price of the watch will range between 152,250 yen and 210,000 yen. The firm expects to sell thousands of units within the financial year of 2012 and also aims to share the technology with the world.

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