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It is pretty interesting that Samsung has decided to launch their brand new line of solar-powered notebooks in Bangladesh. The logic on this one seems to beat us as it is not just Bangladesh that is rich in solar energy and if they are thinking of the region as a potential market that will really respond well to this type of product, then maybe an expansion to the adjacent market in India might have been a better bet. But it might well have been the lack of competition in the Bangladeshi markets along with the specific needs of the local community which have influenced the decision. Either way Samsung is all set to unveil solar notebooks come this June.

The move though is even more surprising when it comes to the timing of the release. June is the start of the monsoon season in the region, which generally sees heavy downpour with even some of the cyclonic storms chipping in every once in a while. Maybe a December- January launch would have been more appropriate so as to tap into the current spell of searing hot temperatures. While there are no details on the specs of the notebook as of yet, it will sell for a price tag of $415.

And for those living outside Bangladesh, there is no word yet on when these specially crafted solar notebooks will be available. The idea of going solar from Samsung is particularly significant considering the reach and popularity of the company. Being the largest seller of mobile devices in the past year across the globe, it is nice to see it go solar for a notebook. A trend that will hopefully catch up with other products…

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