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The 10th annual Solar Power International brings light to the “Windy City.” Days 1 and 2 in Chicago, Illinois have been a bundle of power, kicking off with a dose of Rhone Resch’s charismatic announcement of the White House going solar and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s solid solar commitment, streamlining the permit process to a one-day turn around for residential solar.

With 700 exhibitors from around the globe and speed sessions galore, there was much to see and do. But for me, today had even bigger meaning; call it “female intuition,” but the sense that we hit a large-scale milestone and a consensus that women will be playing a much larger role in the broadening of solar (both from the inside out and the outside in) appeared to be everywhere we turned.
The camaraderie of solar women has never been so strong, or so heartfelt. Carol Neslund of Enphase summed things up best by emphasizing how diversity matters. Having more women around the table will return more value to the industry. We women must sit at the these tables for our community, our planet, and of course — ourselves.

The outpouring of support and encouragement amongst our colleagues (both female and male) during our “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women” presentation was overwhelming. The #Women4Solar discussion has begun! (Visit our Facebook SPI 2013 Day 1 & 2 photo album to “see” for yourself!)

Here, some highlights of my first two days at SPI Conference 2013, as told in Tweets…

(For more, preview Solar Power International’s video highlights.)

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