Report: Rooftop solar already cheaper than utility rates in most major cities 0

solar cheaper
solar cheaper
Rapidly declining cost for solar panels and other hardware have made solar installations a competitive option for many homeowners, the new report says.

Customers in 42 of the nation’s 50 largest cities — including Charlotte and Raleigh — would save money by installing rooftop solar instead of buying all their power from local utilities, says the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center.

Going Solar in Americaa 27-page report by the center based at N.C. State University, argues the perception that solar is too expensive for most homeowners is false.

Residential solar has prospered largely in states with high electricity rates — such as New York and California. But report authors Jim Kennerly and Autumn Proudlove say the data show consumers nationwide can benefit from solar — even in relatively low-utility-rate states such as North Carolina.


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