Renewable Energy Case Studies: Burlington Vermont and Argentina 0

renewable energy

renewable energyThe massive growth of renewable energies is hard to refute. Strong growth forecasts come from the combination of current day models of clean energy use and extraordinary opportunities that remain to be exploited.

Here are two renewable energy case studies from the municipal level (Burlington Vermont) to the national level (Argentina). The first illustrates a current example of functioning renewable energy systems and the second points to the potential for growth.

Countries like Germany and Norway are not the only ones transitioning to renewable energy. Scotland is destined to be a net exporter of renewable energies. In the US, the city of Burlington, Vermont is entirely powered by renewables. Through a combination of biomass, hydroelectric, solar and wind, Burlington is the first US city to get all of their energy from renewables. This switch to renewables will also save the city $20 million over the next decade. Cities like Burlington demonstrate what has already been shown in Germany, renewable energy contribute to a strong economy.

Burlington’s sustainability leadership also involves an aggressive energy efficiency program that enables the city to use less electricity in 2015 than it did in 1989. The city also has nine electric charging stations, which is admirable for a city with less than 50,000 people.


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