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Recently the subject of religion has up come several times. I try not to discuss it but it keeps coming up and it is hard to avoid.

There was a short blog entitled ”Doing the Right Thing About Climate Change – Regardless of Our Religious Beliefs” and also part two of Craig’s series “3 Brass Tacks” where Wally Rippel stated “A great deal of the evangelical world works against environmental friendliness. They seem to see fossil fuels as their allies and ecologically sound solutions as their enemies. I don’t see this as consistant with the idea that all we see around us was the creation of a loving God.”

I agree with Mr. Rippel about the evangelical world and having been raised Evangelical Lutheran I find it extremely frustrating and feel that religion in this country has been hijacked in a very bad way. I was always taught to respect and care for all of God’s creation and I wonder how and why they are able to believe as they do when it is so destructive to the world. I no longer associate with any organized religion mostly for this reason. That does not mean that I have forgotten what I have learned or that I don’t read the bible and see the disparity between what it says and what they proclaim.

Articles come up in the news and comments are allowed to be made and there are people who will comment on how God put fossil fuels here for us to exploit as if it were some kind of Easter egg hunt. Others comment on how our current president must be Satan for trying to force “green energy” on us and things like that. I personally feel that if God had anything at all to do with it he put that stuff deep in the earth to hide it from us and as a way to sequester away the excess CO2 in order to make this environment habitable for us. I think us releasing it relates to me as if it were lines from Revelations where it talks about pouring out poisons on the world.

Anyway, I have composed the following comment, which I copy and paste into places where these types of discussions take place and I leave it here as a question to ponder. It goes as follows:

Why is it that self proclaimed “good Christians” constantly support and vote for politicians that advocate digging into the depths of hell to suck out Satan’s body (coal) blood (oil) and breath (natural gas) so we can burn it and spill it all over God’s planet when God sheds clean renewable energy down on us from heaven above in one form or another each and every day? What is it that causes them to shun God’s gifts and continually seek Satan’s wares? I can only surmise that they are Satan’s minions doing Satan’s work. There is a bit in the bible in revelations something about breaking seals and pouring out poisons on the planet………………

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  1. We are Earth’s caretakers, and in doing so we should use reason and moderation. We should catch fish, but not all the fish. Use wood, but not all the wood. Use coal, oil, gas, and uranium in a responsible manner for the benefit of mankind. And love our neighbors as ourselves – even the neighbors of future generations. If it were not for industry and technology fueled by fossil fuels, at least initially, there would be no electricity. Oh. I think I see your point now.

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