REhnu: Designing A Better CPV Mousetrap 0

REhnu (pronounced“renew”) is a relatively new name in the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) world. They’re early stage and have a slightly different twist on thearchitecture of a CPV system.

But let’s start with the name. The ‘RE’ in REhnu stands for RenewableEnergy. The "hnu" is from the formula E=h? or E=hnu, which relates theenergy (‘E’) of a photon to the photon’s frequency, given by the Greekletter ?, or “nu,” and Planck’s constant ‘h.’

Which, in case you haven’t been keeping track, places us deep in central Nerdistan.

Dr. Roger Angel, the designer of the CPV product and, presumably, thecompany’s name, has a background in astronomy at the University ofArizona. Angel leads the UA solar high concentration photovoltaicsresearch group and has co-authored three patents covering the technology licensed by REhnu. His technological innovations are used to make theworld’s largest and most aspheric telescope mirrors.

Image courtesy of REhnu 

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