SMA Sunny Island Grid-Interactive 6048-US Inverter 0

Sunny Island Grid-Interactive 6048-US highlights:

  • Extreme overload capacity
  • 2kW – 100kW system
  • 96% peak efficiency
  • Complete off-grid
  • Superior battery management
  • IEC 60529
  • 5-year warranty
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This Sunny Island Grid-Interactive 6048-US inverter has 6000W and 48V with proven off-grid technology in Sunny Island 5048-US and has now 20% more power output. This inverter shows off 96%  maximum efficiency that gives high production and makes the diesel usage lessen as well as making the PV arrays dimension smaller. Its system sizing gets more flexible because of two different power ratings and 12 Sunny Island can be united into off-grid power systems that can reach up to 100 kW with the help of multi-cluster technology.

This can also charge your power loads and battery bank with PV array by combining Sunny Island and Sunny Boy grid-tie inverter so that the system can be AC coupled. Also, with its “Quick Configuration Guide”, you can set this up fast with no hassle.

Sunny Island Grid-Interactive 6048-US specifications:

  • 120 V/105 V – 132 V AC Voltage range
  • 60 Hz/55 Hz … 65 Hz Rated Frequency
  • 120 V/80 V – 150 V AC input voltage
  • 60 Hz/54 Hz … 66 Hz Rated Input Freq
  • 48 V/41 V – 63 V DC volt
  • 130 A / 110 A max battery charge current
  • 96 % / 94 % CEC efficiency
  • 25 W/4 W self-consumption
Sunny Island Grid Inverter





Additional information

Weight 139 lbs
Dimensions 9.3 × 18.4 × 24.1 in
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