Outback Power Radian 4000W Adv Grid-Interactive and Standalone 0

Radian 4000W 120/240VAC highlights:

  • 4000 W continuous power
  • GSLC Load Center
  • Dual AC inputs
  • Unsurpassed surge capacity
  • CSA Certified
  • UL Listed
  • 5-year Standard Warranty
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Radian 4000W 120/240Vac Adv Grid-Interactive and Standalone is the latest inverter from Outback Power. The difference of this unit between the previous models is the capability of 120/240 volts AC output just by utilizing a single unit – this is also a product of choice because of its superior reliability. This provides 4000 watts of clean sinewave constant operation with a wide capacity to launch particular appliances.

Radian Series eases the distribution, configuration, and execution of energy storage over a uniformed method when united with an Outback GS load center as it provides clean and reliable power to businesses, homes, and other premises.

This special dual-module offers high productivity in both low and full power operation. With its architecture and simplified parallel design, this helps the system to boost up to 10 inverters delivering 80 kW. Additionally, this model is considered as grid-interactive as it can be used as a uniformed grid-tie inverter and improve your utility bill – the Radian will be replaced when you missed the utility power by preserving your house power.

Radian 4000W 120/240VAC specifications:

  • 92.5% CEC efficiency
  • +/-2% output volt regulation
  • 50AAC (240vac , 1ms peak)
  • 35.35 AAC (240vac, 100ms peak)
  • 8.5 kVA (240vac, 100ms surge)
  • L1 or L2) 106 – 132 VAC grid interactive V
  • (L1 or L2) 59.3 – 60.5 Hz grid interactive freq
  • 57.5ADC battery charge output
  • 15 A max utility interactive current


Outback Radian GS4048A
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