Outback Power Autotransformer, Enclosure 120/240VAC 60Hz 0

Outback Autotransformer Enclosure highlights:

  • 120/240 VAC
  • 60Hz system
  • split-phase output balancing
  • Series-stacked inverters
  • FLEXware 500 or 1000
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Outback Autotransformer Enclosure (120/240 VAC, 60Hz) can function for 120 to 240 VAC applications. It can also use for general split-phase output balancing, generator balancing, or even in balancing outputs of series-stacked inverters.

This is designed with an internal relay with external controls – this can be separated from the network just by a 12-volt signal. It can also be customized to the system and may change between both split-phase and 3-phase sources, with this protective switch it enables this unit to be removed safely from clashing voltages. Plus, this includes a built-in fan and integrated breakers.

Also, this has a 25-amp dual pole for mounting internally of FW500 or FW1000 AC enclosures.

Outback Autotransformer Enclosure specifications:

  • 120 – 240 VAC nominal input and output voltage
  • 4kVa max rated output power
  • 25amp dual-pole circuit
Outback Autotransformer, 4 kVA,

Additional information

Weight 37.70 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 8.00 × 12.50 in
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